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Source: SBS Inkigayo

I loooove that ring chain thing on Daniel's hand
18 November 2017 @ 07:10 pm

[#WannaOneDay] Our beautiful Wannables who came to see us even in the cold weather! Thank you so much😭👍🏻 We're so thankful to Wannables who allowed us to spend a happy day💕 See you again tomorrow😍
(trans by tokkijihoon)

Source: @WannaOne_twt | tokkijihoon

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official

15 November 2017 @ 03:51 pm

[To WANNABLE] Thank you Wannables
On our 101st day, we sold 1,010,000 albums🎉🎉
It's a precious present for our 101st day that could not have happened without Wannables🎁
We will continue to become a Wanna One that does not forget our roots and work hard to repay for the love reveived.
(trans by wannaonesub)

Source: @WannaOne_twt | @wannaonesub

Wanna One has recorded 733,837 units (as of November 15th) in sales with debut album “1X1 = 1 (TO BE ONE)”, released on August 7th. Their repackage album, “1-1 = 0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)”, released on the 13th, has recorded sales of more than 267,000 copies as of 2:30PM on the 15th. Wanna One, who have made their debut through Mnet’s “Produce 101”, will get to enjoy the pleasure of becoming Million Sellers on November 15th, the 101st day after their debut.

Wanna One is the first idol group with a debut album to reach a million sales since 2000. They have made a record with a “Million Sellers” debut album, which has not happened in the past 17 years, and have proven themselves to be best rookies of 2017.

In addition, the repackaged album title song “Beautiful”, released on the 13th, reached to the top of the music charts immediately after release, and has reached a record value of listeners recorded since the reorganization of the music charts. New songs “I Want to Have It” (갖고 싶어) and “Twilight” together have been steady at the top of the charts on the 15th as well, moving into their third day.

Wanna One is on their third day of their comeback, and they are continuing to lead the next generation of record makers in dominating the music charts.

Source: Naver via /u/yuzuuno